VELOXXA Consumer Fees

(Updated on 03.12.2018)
Account Fees
  • Activation feeFREE
  • Annual Maintenance feeFREE
  • Account Upgrade feeFREE

Account Loading Fees
  • Account Load by Credit/Debit/Prepaid CardsFREE
  • Account Load through Bank TransfersFREE

Account to Account Transfers

SEPA Transfers

Non-SEPA Outward Payments

  • Chargeback handling – per chargeback€ 25.00
  • Information provided in printed format upon client request€ 30.00
  • Information provided in printed format upon client request - urgent issue within 3 days€ 70.00
  • Information provided in printed format to other third parties upon client request€ 70.00
  • Inactive/Dormant account fee (Refer to Note 1)€ 50.00
  • Cancellation fee (Refer to Note 2)€ 70.00
  • Incoming funds Rejects€ 20.00**
  • Provision of additional information of executed payment/change of payment instruction after dispatch of payment/processing of application for intermediation of payment/processing of payment order due to missing or incorrect data.€ 20.00**
  • Negative/Shortfall fee€ 20.00
  • Refund fee (in the event that incoming funds are returned to beneficiary)SEPA/Non SEPA fees apply
  • Transfer funds from Account to MerchantFREE
  • Transfer funds from Merchant to AccountFREE
* If Customer specifies the "Our" payment instruction, other bank charges will apply.
** Plus Other Banks charges as applicable.
Note 1. If Account is inactive/dormant for 6 months and there is a balance in account, an administrative fee will be charged.
Note 2. Payable on termination of account within the first 12 month unless termination is the result of changes to T&C unfavourable to client